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Health and Safety is usually viewed as something that organisations and businesses have to do, rather than something they want to do to create a safe and profitable work environment.


At Proactive Safety Leadership, we want to lead the change on that.


Our name pretty much suggests it, in fact.


We’re deadly serious about the importance of your people at the heart of health and safety, because for us, it’s all about creating, sustaining and growing a culture and attitude of safety from within the workplace. Putting in processes is relatively simple, but making them effective can be much more difficult. And so, at PSL, we’re here to help shape the behaviours that keep your people happy, healthy and safe.


Having a proactive safety culture is vital to reducing the rate of incidents and accidents in your workplace. If you’ve ever heard of organisations talking about ‘target zero’, then you can go right ahead and assume that this is all linked to the growth of an effective safety culture in their workplace, where behaviours, attitudes and healthy habits are embedded throughout - from CEO to shop floor. Regrettably, as good as this aspiration is, the reality is often different, and so organisations can really benefit from an independent critical eye to guide them on their route to safer systems of work. 

We help organisations like yours assess and audit current safety culture before working alongside you to build meaningful action plans, and working with you to create a culture that ensures health and safety is more proactive than reactive. We’ll also work with your existing or aspiring leaders to ensure that your organisation in itself becomes a leader when it comes to the workplace health, safety and happiness of those who work for you. Happy workers, etc!

We promote safety leadership by developing future safety leaders through our immersive programmes of consultancy, coaching and training. Sadly, it’s not just a case of arming you with a high-vis vest and hoping that the proverbial doesn’t ever hit the fan. One day, it will.

The modern workplace is very different from the environment we all first started our careers within. That’s what makes our team at PSL so excited about preparing our colleagues for the future. Certainly in the light of COVID-19, never has the physical and mental wellbeing of ourselves and our employees been more important.


The facts speak for themselves, so don’t become a statistic - become the future!

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