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At PSL, we can support you and your organisation through a range of different coaching approaches, depending on your current situation and your own particular needs for shaping the safety culture of your workplace.


We offer contemporary executive coaching, as well as more traditional approaches using the GROW methodology of goal setting and problem solving, which although is usually associated with the more corporate styles of coaching, we believe can be made relatable and accessible to all industries and personalities.

We also offer workplace action coaching, where we observe your work and provide real-time dynamic feedback. This approach to ‘seizing the moment’ has proven to be extremely powerful and highly effective, as it addresses issues head on, gives opportunity for in the moment questioning and clarification, and can effectively influence the remainder of the session towards more positive change.

Our coaching approach has been proven in all organisational environments and meets a wide variety of business and/or personal needs. This could be for enhancing safety within critical environments, optimising operational efficiency, or just achieving personal development objectives to be a ‘better leader’ when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.


Health and Wellbeing

This is always a popular area of our coaching and consultancy, because health, wellbeing and mindfulness are always key terms that people think they’re addressing, but usually are only paying lip service to.

In other words, if you just want to tick boxes, move along – we’re not for you.

We work with organisations to help them put together real strategies for enhancing wellbeing. It’s not as simple as putting a bowl of fruit on Reception or asking employees to exercise more often, and so if you’re reading this whilst staring at a stack of satsumas in the staffroom, you really need to call us!


We’ll work with you to identify a broad strategy of wellness that suits everyone within your team. Based on the work of Seligman (PERMA Model) and Marsh and Ward, we focus on a number of factors, such as emotions, meaning, engagement and achievements.

Step away from the satsumas, and give us a call.

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