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Of course, it should go without saying that our team is made up of only the best consultants in the field of health and safety, but that should be the same wherever you go. What’s more important is the way in which our consultants can work with you to give you the outcomes that your organisation really needs.

We help our clients make a difference in projects that require not just health and safety improvements, but behavioural changes within their people.

Here are some of the areas in which our health and safety consultancy can help:

Safety Culture Assessment

Safety culture is all about the extent to which people take personal responsibility or accountability for safety in their workplace or organisation. It’s often described as the “personality” of an organisation, as it is a shared value of safety and a shared attitude towards its implementation. A safety culture can take time to develop - sometimes even years - and can remain unchanged for a long time. This can be a  problem.


Using appropriate tools, such as ‘Hearts and Minds’ from the Energy Institute, we help organisations to assess their current safety culture, before identifying opportunities for improvement and making key recommendations as to what can be learned – and unlearned.


Initial (objective) assessment is important because often what organisations think they do, can be very different to what they actually do.


Human Factors Assessment

Through our work around Human Factors, we can explore the relationship between human actions and the systems with which they interact, to look at improving efficiency, creativity, productivity and job satisfaction in your workplace. All of this goes hand in hand with processes that will minimise errors. We’ve worked with teams in every industry from rail to aviation – and everything non-moving in between – so we’re confident we can work effectively with your people, whatever your industry.

Safety Based Technology  

We work with our partners, eMpulse, to design and implement technology that supports safety enhancements and process efficiency. These could be simple processes such as an app to capture daily vehicle checks, through to a fully-embedded safety monitoring tool in operation across the whole organisation linked to business objectives and performance metrics.


Crisis Management

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of the global economy, and this will take many years to recover. Organisations that were resilient and maintained an effective crisis  management system prior to lockdown were able to adapt and even flourish. They were able to at least maintain, and in many cases grow their business, through responding to the needs of the economies and clients they served.

At PSL, we help organisations develop their people to be adaptable and able to respond positively to a crisis, and guide their organisations through difficult situations with minimal disruption and maximum productivity.

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