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We offer a wide range of training programmes through our skills, knowledge and expertise here at PSL. We’re great believers in the ethos of the 70:20:10 learning and development model, whereby we buy in to the theory that people learn through experience and application. Moreover, we also recognise that we all have a preference for different types and styles of learning. Therefore, our training includes large elements of experiential or ‘on the job’ learning, blended together with more social and formal learning opportunities for development.

Leadership Development

Leadership is always about development, and so that’s what we focus on at PSL when working with aspiring or existing leaders. We assess your starting point in leadership and develop you through a bespoke programme to enhance your experience, knowledge and understanding. Even if your starting point is from little or no experience at all – we can work with you.

Safety Leadership Development

Focusing mainly on experiential learning to give you the most hands-on awareness, knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities within Safety Leadership, our training approaches provide the most effective results to ensure you can approach your position from a place of confidence as well as competence.

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Crisis Management

Understanding how to deal with and recover from a crisis is vital to any organisation. Our training focuses on the person-centred aspects of crisis management, and our support provides organisations with the tools and resources to develop teams who can prepare for, manage, and recover from any crisis situation – health pandemics included, of course. Our programmes range from one-day awareness training through to five-day practitioner training. 

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Safety Based Training Programs

PSL offer a wide range of training programmes tailored to the specific safety needs of your organisation. We offer training interventions directly related to safety behaviours and related to safety behaviours and awareness, covering themes including ‘Situational awareness’, ‘Effective safety communication’, ‘Values-based safety’ and ‘Taking responsibility and being accountable’. These are usually bespoke programmes, having first commissioned a member of our team to work with your organisation to observe the real needs that will make a positive difference to your workplace culture.

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