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Hold on to your hard-hats and high-vis vests, because we’re not just your standard Health and Safety specialists here at PSL.

The focus of who we are lies in the proactive. We’re not here to advise on what to do when things go wrong, but to help you shape a workplace attitude and culture to minimise the chances of things going wrong in the first place.

At PSL, we’ve built a team of experienced specialists in Leadership and Safety Culture Development from across a wide range of operational environments. We work together well because we share the view that health and safety isn’t just a process, but is instead a culture all of its own. We’re here to help organisations create and grow that culture, because right now, Health and Safety is all too reactive.


We’ve developed our expertise working across many different industry sectors and within different regions across the globe. Between us as a team, we’ve worked in everything from Logistics to Law Enforcement, Manufacturing to  Medical/Healthcare, and Banking to Building. This list isn’t exhaustive, however, and we’ve yet to work with a client who comes to us from an industry outside of our experience or expertise.

We have a reputation for really getting to know our clients. We can offer each and every one of them the most appropriate range of support and services to assess, develop and sustain a desired safety culture that guides organisations towards being incident – and injury - free.

Every client has different needs, and so you’ll never find us suggesting a generic or ‘off the shelf’ approach to fit your organisation. We believe that one size really does only fit one size! As a result, our services are personalised as well as personal.

We love our team, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to send just any of them over to your premises to work with your people. We match the most appropriate consultant to the client in every case, in order to give you the expertise that you truly need. In working to establish a culture and attitude of proactive health and safety, our working partnerships rely heavily on effective transfer of knowledge and skills, so the right person for your organisation really is key.

We provide support to our clients on a ‘needs basis’, but our primary aim is to reduce the level of consultancy support you need over time thanks to the most effective processes of knowledge transfer from us to you.

In short, we’re happiest when we never need to see you again!

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