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What is ISO 45003?

ISO 45003 is a new global standard that helps businesses manage psychological health within the workplace. It includes the management of psychological risk, bringing this in to the ISO 45000 family of occupational health and safety standards.

Why do you need ISO 45003?

If you think that managing wellbeing as part of your occupational health and safety systems is just a bunch of tree-hugging psycho-babble, we’ve got some bad news – you’re going to end up on the wrong side of history!

The COVID-19 pandemic has really highlighted the need for ISO 45003 and a human-centred approach to managing risks.

For those of us who have been working from home – our colleagues have probably met our partners, kids, cats and dogs. Seeing, literally, with our own eyes that we’re all human and actually have lives outside of work has brought a realisation that we need to develop a human-centred culture.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever go back to employers demanding we all trapse in to the office for 8-hours a day, 5-days a week – when productivity and output hasn’t really suffered – and in some cases actually improved. And why would businesses spend a fortune on office space they actually don’t need in order to be productive, collaborative, and profitable!

We’ve all developed an increased awareness of psychological health and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have. Now, more than ever, the issues of stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression and the resulting long-term sickness absences are being linked to economic cost and business disruption.


So… do you feel prepared and equipped to deal with the mental health fallout of COVID-19?

ISO 45003 will help you assess the risks within your workplace linked to mental health and wellbeing and enable you to put in place a system to address them.

Thrive not just survive

ISO 45003 helps you recognise the psychosocial hazards that can affect staff, and it provides examples of effective actions that can help manage these hazards.

Even if you’re not ready to go for full ISO accreditation, using the ISO standard as a foundation for building your business’s mental health and wellbeing resilience will position you for post-COVID success.

How we can help

Most businesses don’t have specialist, trained staff to manage psychological health and wellbeing and that it needs to be dealt with by people doing all sorts of other primary roles. We can work with you and use ISO 45003 to develop a system that manages both psychosocial risk and protects mental health.

Give us a call so we can begin to build the tools you need to become a more sustainable and resilient business.

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